A—Z is a new space in Berlin with the mission of expanding the territory of graphic design by rethinking its limits and challenging traditional perceptions. At the storefront space, located in the heart of the city, renowned graphic designers will be invited to unfold their artistic, conceptual or formally experimental projects.

By showcasing individuals who are open to transposing the boundaries of their own practices, A—Z pays tribute to the spirit of the Bauhaus that is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. In setting a counterpoint to the predominant trends of overspecialization, the idea is to provide an interdisciplinary environment where graphic design enters into dialogue with other areas, such as contemporary art, artistic publishing, urban development and social engagement.

Featured contributions will range from print, digital media, installation, performance, film, and a variety of other media and formats. They will also cover a spectrum of topics, from typography and language, templates and hacking, to political and social questions, etc. Each of the invited collaborators create works that are personal statements that reach beyond the commissioned and applied realm of graphic design.

A publication will serve as a reflection of all featured contributions. The space will also host talks, workshops and other events, in partnership with invited designers, initiatives, collectives and institutions worldwide. A—Z is an initiative of book designer Anja Lutz and The Green Box – Kunst Editionen.

A—Z will open with the first collaborator, Andrea Tinnes, who will present her “Library of Shapes, Texts and Structures”. Tinnes is a typographer who uses her compiled, personal archive of graphic elements as source material for creating a vibrant, multi-layered series of prints. She will be followed by Inkahoots, a social design collective from Australia. Throughout the first 2 years, A—Z will be hosting over 10 collaborations whose work will gradually map out and redefine their distinctive view of graphic design. 

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