New Anthems VI (Berlin) – A New Anthem for Germany

15 June – 6 September 2019

Opening & Talk with the artist Jason Grant
Friday 14 June 2019, 7 pm

An interactive installation by Inkahoots inviting creative participation in a public dialogue about the critique and construction of contemporary nationalism and national identity.

The installation displays the most commonly cited line in Das Lied der Deutschen (3. verse) by August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben, the current German national anthem: ‘Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit für das deutsche Vaterland!’, where the ‘Freiheit’ and ‘das deutsche Vaterland’ words are omitted and replaced with LED screens enabling participants to input their own words via SMS, and rewrite the text. These contributions are catalogued online and become a dynamic archive of debate around issues of national identity, inclusion and exclusion. 

For New Anthems VI (Berlin) – A New Anthem for Germany the installation uses a mix of historic letters from East- and West-Berlin from the collection of the Buchstabenmuseum assembled with internet connected LED screens enabling the display of the user generated content. The website enables real time listing of all displayed contributions – in this way not only will contributions be archived but can be viewed offsite by anyone.

The work attempts to integrate graphic design’s potential regarding expressive modes of visual language with user generated digital interactivity, as a relational artwork that functions as a forum for creative public dialogue and cultural critique.

New Anthems VI (Berlin) is a collaboration with BuchstabenmuseumBerlin.

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